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Safe to Plant Garden After Round Up?

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Hi everyone! Earlier this year (in mid-April) my mom sprayed Round Up all around our yard to kill our super invasive crabgrass. I wasn't too pleased as I wanted an organic garden with the least amount of chemicals. I'm wanting to plant root veggies and would like to use the beds. I've read that glyphosate doesn't stay in the soil for very long and I should be ok to plant things now. Your thoughts?

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Kristina Hicks-Hamblin
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Hi there,

According to this paper by the NW Coalition for Alternatives to Pesticides, glyphosate (the herbicide in roundup) can remain in the soil for over a year. If I were you, i would pick a different spot to garden.

And next time, instead of spraying herbicides, you could try lasagna gardening to smother crab grass - see our article that discusses this method.


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