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Welcome to the Cottage Gardens Forum

Mike Quinn
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Post your questions about anything cottagy gardeny. Or post photos of your lovely blossom filled lawns!

Hamna Jain
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Joined: 9 months ago
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I want to create a small cottage garden with picket fence in my front yard. Plant suggestions?

United Arab Emirates

Matt Suwak
Sprout Staff Gardening Expert
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Hey! Where about are you geographically? You could share a USDA growing zone, state, or whatever other level of geographic location you're comfortable with. That helps tremendously when deciding on plants for a garden. In general you want a collection of perennials that will either bloom for a long time, or will have staggered blooms so that something is always colorful instead of one single variety of plant.

Kristina Hicks-Hamblin
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Hi there @hamnajain!

It looks like you are interested in creating a cottage garden in the UAE. From a quick search, it appears that the UAE's growing zone is equivalent to USDA Zone 10b.

Since you're living in a desert climate, I would highly recommend choosing plants that are very drought tolerant. They will be the happiest in your conditions and will require less work to take care of.

Here's a link to our articles about drought tolerant plants.

If you see plants you like, what I would recommend doing is checking our growing guide for each plant, to make sure they can grow in zone 10.

I'm guessing you also have sandy, alkaline (ie, salty) soil, so that's another thing you'll have to be aware of - if possible, choose plants that are tolerant of that kind of soil, or plan on amending your soil with compost.

Off the top of my head a few that I think might work for you (but which will require watering and would probably appreciate a bit more shade than usually recommended) are cosmos, basil, oregano, and lemongrass.

Some of the vining plants you might be able to grow are: mandevilla, sweet potato, and asiatic jasmine.

Again, some of these may require different soil conditions than what you have, so you'll probably want to add plenty of compost to your soil.

You may also want to check out our article on Xeriscaping - I think it would be helpful information to consider when gardening in your climate.

Hope these ideas help!



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