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Welcome to the Cottage Gardens Forum  


Joined: 51 years ago
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23/07/2020 3:05 am  

Post your questions about anything cottagy gardeny. Or post photos of your lovely blossom filled lawns!

Hamna Jain
Sprout Registered
Joined: 4 days ago
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23/09/2020 12:55 pm  

I want to create a small cottage garden with picket fence in my front yard. Plant suggestions?

United Arab Emirates

Matt Suwak
Sprout Staff Gardening Expert
Joined: 3 years ago
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25/09/2020 1:14 pm  

Hey! Where about are you geographically? You could share a USDA growing zone, state, or whatever other level of geographic location you're comfortable with. That helps tremendously when deciding on plants for a garden. In general you want a collection of perennials that will either bloom for a long time, or will have staggered blooms so that something is always colorful instead of one single variety of plant.


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