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Benefits of purchasing ornamental trees instead of fast-growing trees

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My friend and I just moved in into our new apartment and it comes with a small garden. We’re planning to fix it and place some trees. However, we aren’t sure which trees to get, whether fast-growing or ornamental garden trees. We found this shop online and they have a lot of trees available, and now we’re more confused on what to get. Anyone? TIA.

Rose Kennedy
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Hello Oliver Asher and welcome to the Gardener's Path forum!

You will have so much fun with a garden! I hope you'll share photos and so forth here so we can all enjoy the transformation.

As for the ornamental trees? Unless you are planning to stay put for at least five years, you probably won't get a lot of benefit from planting trees. You'll get other opinions on this forum (that's the whole purpose!), but I would recommend planting trees and shrubs native to your area in containers. Or, just opt for perennial flowering plants so you can take them with you when you go (or at least your favorites).

One of the most easy-care bushes that can be grown in a container is the beautyberry, with its late-summer purple berries. And there are scores of others that might suit, including some varieties of fruit trees and berry bushes that have been bred to stay small!

Good luck, and look for more replies from my colleagues. 

Lindsey Z.
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Hello, Oliver! That`s great to have a garden. Which state are you from and which climate does it have? Is it good with rains and watering? I think you should also define, which type of soil is there. Does your garden open to sunlight or too shady?

All these questions will help you to choose proper plants. 

Los Angeles, CA


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