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Amaranth die away early.

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Hello there,
After having Amaranth spontaneous in my garden, I loved it very much and took the seeds.
Very easy to reproduce and last year I had loads of them. Really blooming till they were all worn down. This year however many plants are dying off in the mid of their growth and I cannot find the reason. First they look as if they didn't have enough water but neighboring Amaranths look fresh. I took the plants out and only thing I could see that the rooting system was poorly developed. No sight of snails or insects. Now more and more plants are dying. What can that be? Something with fertilizing or condition of the soil? I have added coconut to the soil for mulching last year, but think that is ok.
I am currently in Thailand. Lots of sun of course.
Thank you,

Some pics are added, but do not really represent the situation as I had all dying Amaranths removed before I mailed in.

Getting yellow
Lack of water


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Matt Suwak
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Amaranth produces a lot of seeds... like, SO MANY SEEDS. The benefit is they have, say, a thousand chances to reproduce, but of those thousand chances a handful will be strong and viable. I'd wager that some of the seeds that took this year were simply weak plants and prone to diseases, pests, or simply dying faster than their kin, especially if you've got some strong plants in the garden from the same seeds. That's my theory here, I've seen it happen with different types of amaranth and other annuals/perennials that produce many seeds.

Any other thoughts from the community on this?


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