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Very Fragrant Plants

Sarah Gooding
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Anyone have any ideas for super fragrant plants for a border areas? They area is next to a fence and receives full sun part of the day. They can be flowers, herbs, or anything. Thanks.

Western North Carolina, Zone 7

Nan Schiller
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Hi Sarah -

You might try 'Julia Child,' a floribunda rose with a sweet licorice fragrance that is suited to your growing zone and full sun to part shade.

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Rose Kennedy
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Hi Sarah! Western Carolina's not too far from me, and I have a very tiny cabin that's part of a campground in Cherokee, N.C. Can't grow much of anything since it's so shady there, but I have some suggestions based on my Knoxville garden!

First, I would heartily recommend garden pinks, which are relatives of carnations and have a similar spicy, sweet aroma. I like them because they're easy to grow, can thrive in part shade, and flower all season long.  And they're perennials, always a plus. 

In the "less expected" category, I think chocolate mint is a good choice. When it rains, you can smell ours from the back porch though it's growing in the side yard. The leaves are aromatic, and the mini-purple blooms attract pollinators, so they do double duty.

They are super sprawling, though, so I would plant them either within a pot under the soil, or tuck pots of them into the border. They're easy to propagate from cuttings, so you'll have room to experiment. 

Happy gardening! 


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