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Welcome to the Vineyards and Growing Grapes Discussion Forum

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Welcome to the Vineyards and Growing Grapes Discussion Forum! Post questions and get expert replies from members of the community and our staff gardening experts. You can also attach or embed images and video.

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Hello, I have wanted to grow grapes all my life and finally got a decent yard to grow them in a few years ago. I planted a grape vine two years ago. For the first 6 months it was just a dead-looking stick, but then it sprouted one giant leaf--- and stayed that way for a summer. This summer, it really took off, and now has more like 30 leaves. However recently it has been starting to look different, with mottled yellow and brown on its leaves. I looked on the internet for what might be ailing it, but I couldn't really find anything that matched completely. I have attached a picture. Temperatures are getting colder here now, but it's Los Angeles so it's always hard to tell when it's "fall". I don't recall the vine going through anything like fall last year. It is still producing new, green leaves, but more and more of the older ones are looking like this. Besides the color, the leaves look fine... strong and healthy... can anyone help? 


Ps I am brand new to the forums so let me know if I posted this in the wrong place!

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