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Container gardening

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Hello everyone, my name is Sonia and wanted to know how many bulbs of Liatris Spicata fit in a container,  14" wide.

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Matt Suwak
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Hey Sonia! Liatris is such a nice plant, excellent choice to throw into the container. If you wanted to really fill that container up I'd say you could plant five or six in the pot. They're supposed to have 12" spacing (give or take) when growing outside of a container, and if left unchecked they'll fuse together in a few years. I'd suggest placing two or three in there, centrally in the pot, and mixing up some different annual choices on the outside of it throughout the year. Alyssum is a perfect partner for liatris, and I think you could even get away with a heuchera in there to mix things up.


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