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Excessive Tree Sap  


Sprout Registered
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03/09/2020 3:42 pm  


I have a wild black cherry (i think).   It has sap ALL over it.  Anyone have any idea what may be causing it.  I built a tree house in it.  This is one of 3 trees that I have the tree  house in.  One of the other trees does not have this problem.  The other one has small amounts of sap.  Could it be from the weight of the tree house or insects or what.  Any help much appreciated...



Western PA

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Kristina Hicks-Hamblin
Sprout Staff Gardening Expert
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08/09/2020 5:45 pm  

Hi Doug,

Did you nail your tree house into the trees' trunks at any point? If so, I think that would be your explanation. Sap is basically the lifeblood of trees, and they ooze sap when injured to try to heal the wound.

And based on the bark alone it does look like your tree could be a wild black cherry, though to be sure it would be good to match up leaves and berries too.

Hope this helps!

Adam Wertz
Sapling Admin
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09/09/2020 2:13 pm  

It looks like gummosis. You can check our this article for more information.

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