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Hi everyone

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Hi community, I'm Jacob from London.

I have a little garden near my house.

Enjoy growing lilies and fishing.


Kristina Hicks-Hamblin
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Welcome Jacob! Great to have you with us!

Kristine Lofgren
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Hi Jacob, welcome! What kind of lilies do you grow?

Rose Kennedy
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Hello, Jacob. I like to think I'm doing the English "cottage garden" thing on part of my property here in Knoxville, Tennessee, so I'm hoping your posts will help me do a reality check.

And we live about 80 miles from some of the best trout fishing, all part of the streams and rivers rushing through the Qualla Boundary, which is home of the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians. So we will have to compare some notes. Welcome!

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Hi - I am growing a variety of fruit trees at my coast side home (Cayucos, CA). Gala Apple, Pear, Orange, Lime, Lemon, Tangerine, Blackberries, Strawberries, and Rasberries. While mostly successful with the the listed here, i continue to struggle with my Avocado. I think i'm getting sunburn along the vertical trunk, and once this happens all growth seems to stall. This is a Haas, and the pics show the burn area near the top. This is the 2nd tree i've purchased. The first one eventually just went nowhere, no growth, and the root ball just was weak and it pulled out of the group with ease. I'm now worries my 2nd attempt is going to face the same fate. It started out happy, well we had some high 70 degree days in early January, so perhaps that is when the burn occured.

I've seen folks post about painting over the burned area with a Latex covering substance. I've seen others talk about pruning, others suggesting gypsum or water issues (too much chloride). What is the right solution. Seems pruning just below the burn area might work.

Thanks all,


Avocodo 3
Avocodo 1
Avocodo 2


Central Coast California

Nan Schiller
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Hi Jon -

You can treat the tree with pure kaolin clay spray to protect the branches from sunburn. Then, prune off all damaged branches and foliage, as they make the tree vulnerable to pests and disease.

Pawan Ranta
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Hello Gardeners.

I'm Pawan from India. I'm here to learn gardening. 


Clare Groom
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@pawanranta Welcome Pawan!


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