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High Desert Gardener  


Sprout Registered
Joined: 6 months ago
Posts: 1
09/08/2020 5:48 pm  

Hello everyone! I garden in zone 9a in the high desert region of SoCal in the foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains. Tough to garden in the desert sands but water does miracles. My issues are dry heat, strong winds, a single shade tree where I do all my gardening and ground squirrels. I am a farm girl stuck in the desert raising a few hens and fighting off the squirrels. I love growing things, saving seeds, preserving foods and farm animals.


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Adam Wertz
Sapling Admin
Joined: 6 years ago
Posts: 42
10/08/2020 3:59 am  

Welcome Deb!

Central Missouri, Zone 6a

Kristina Hicks-Hamblin
Sprout Staff Gardening Expert
Joined: 1 year ago
Posts: 8
10/08/2020 2:41 pm  

Hi Deb! I'm another high desert gardener, though in a different high desert - NE Utah. One of the biggest challenges I find gardening in this climate is the lack of organic matter for composting. Compost really helps with the sandy soil - I can see the difference in our planting beds that have been heavily amended with compost and sheep manure and those that haven't. Anyway, welcome!

Rose Kennedy
Sprout Staff Gardening Expert
Joined: 10 months ago
Posts: 13
10/08/2020 7:42 pm  

Welcome, Deb! I can't wait to read your posts, especially about those hens!

Lots of your experience will probably seem exotic to me since I'm here in the South, but I'm definitely in solidarity against the squirrels. Please do share some photos when you get a chance. I'm sure your tales will make me stop feeling sorry for myself when I have to deep water in the mere 97-degree heat after just 5-6 days with no rain... Smile

Kristine Lofgren
Sprout Staff Gardening Expert
Joined: 10 months ago
Posts: 4
11/08/2020 12:28 am  

Hey, Deb - welcome! I remember the challenges of the high desert well. I was raised in Utah. Can't wait to hear more of your adventures. 

Laura Melchor
Sprout Staff Gardening Expert
Joined: 1 year ago
Posts: 1
16/08/2020 2:18 am  

Welcome, Deb! While I live in Zone 4 now, I went to college in southern CA and understand how hot and dry it can get there. How are your plants holding up during this heat wave?


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